Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning NILU

World Class Research
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Through its research NILU increases the understanding of processes and effects of climate change, of the composition of the atmosphere, of air quality and of hazardous substances. Based on its research, NILU m arkets integrated services and products within the ana lytical, mo nitoring and consu lting sectors.

niluNILU is:

  • 40 years of world class atmospheric & air quality research
  • 300+ projects annually
  • World class in pollution studies
  • World class in atmospheric research
  • National Reference Laboratory
  • Private Research Foundation
  • Nearly 200 employees from 27 countries

Design of Air Quality Monitoring Networks: we work with the client to define the objectives which must be required and then design the best solu tion to m eet these objecti ves. From the d evelopment of new models to designing tender documents and overseeing the entire implementation process, NILU can fill in the “missing pieces” of any puzzle.

We work with the client and the systems and technologies they have in place today and find the most cost effective ways of meeting their overall objectives.

Below is a list of the main tasks which NILU will address when working with a client:

  1. Baseline (screening) study
  2. Emission Inventory
  3. Network Design
  4. Procurement Plan
  5. Data Use
  6. Continuous evaluation
  7. Training and Support

NILU has been contracted on several occasions to perform specific independent research for industrial clients across a wide variety of air quality research areas.

New Technologies:
NILU is developing new technologies for leak detection, environmental monitoring and new techniques for CO2 capture and storage.

niluHere are two spin-off companies developing some of these technologies:

EIFAir: Offers a web-based service developed to simulate an Environmental Impact Factor of emissions to the atmosphere. This web-based service gives significant value to the oil industry, industrial compounds and industry for simulating environmental impacts from their activities.

Nicarnica: A specialty R&D company focusing on remote sensing technologies for real time detection and monitoring of natural and industrial pollutants.

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