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norsk resyNorsk Resy puts the recycling of corrugated- and solid board packaging (occ) into a system, so that material is collected, sorted, traded and recycled. More than 95 % of all occ in Norway is recovered and recycled. Most of it is recycled, while a tiny share goes to energy recovery.

Norsk Resy has an agreement with the environmental authorities to recycle at least 80 % of the material used, a goal achieved and surpassed many years ago. This agreement is a part of a voluntary system in Norway for the recovery and recycling of packaging materials, and is similar to the agreements made for all other packaging
materials. The system is financed through a packaging licence fee of all new corrugated- and solid board packaging used in Norway.

Norsk Resy itself is not active in the market place, and the Resy-system is based on contracts with both private and public waste management companies, as well as the paper industry. According to these contracts, the waste management companies are obliged to receive sorted occ free of charge, and the paper industry is committed to recycle all the recovered materials.

The environment comes out a winner when occ is recycled and used instead of virgin fibre for making new paper. Today, Norway grows more trees than we use – i.e. for every two trees we use, there is regrowth equivalent to three trees.

Balanced, responsible and environmentally friendly forestry is absolutely vital for the simple reason that healthy forests are the most important global consumer of CO2.
In other words, recycling of occ helps improve the balance of greenhouse gases.

Norwegian paper industry has been engaged in collection and recycling of occ in Norway since 1931. We know it works!

Norsk Resy was established in 1992 by the corrugated industry, but is today owned by the paper industry, packers and fillers and retailers, in addition to the corrugated

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