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To us, heritage makes a difference.
As a fast growing company with ambitions, we must capitalize on our strengths.

Combining tradition with leading edge technology and inspired people opens for a different approach and new perspectives. We will be an active partner by using our complementary strengths to make a difference in the licenses.

(N. Samizo- Chairman, S. Rosnes- Managing Director)

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Continued qrowth:
Norske AEDC AS is a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese oil company AOC Ltd. with more than 50 years experience in petroleum operations, of which 22 in Norway.

A highly skilled team with extensive experience from the oil & gas industry enables us to maintain core competency inhouse. Our strategy is to be balanced and active throughout the E & P value creation process.  


Norske AEDC AS
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+47 51 21 22 21