Norske Ventiler AS


Norske Ventiler design, manufacture and supplie ball, check, gate, globe, combination valves and tailor-made valves in materials such as titanium, (super) duplex, 6Mo, and other nickel alloys.

Subsea and top side valves
Valves of Norway is an innovative fasttrack valve manufacturer, supplying the oil and gas industry with high quality valves at unbeatable delivery times. Our high quality standards, leading design and engineering and highly skilled mechanics, ensure a flexible production line and that our products meet and exceed safety and certification standards.

Certification / Documentation
Based on customers order, specification or international standards, every single valve is pressure tested in-house. The valves are designed according to customers’ requirements and documented with drawings inclusive part list and recommended spare parts. All materials are certified and documented by Heat no. for easy traceability. PED according to Directive 97/23 EC PED-H-97.

Established May 1987, situated in Bergen, Norway





Norske Ventiler AS
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