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On Safe Ground
NGI is a leading international centre for research and consulting within the geosciences. NGI develops optimum solutions for society, and offers expertise on the behaviour of soil and rock and their interaction with the natural and built environment. NGI’s expertise and experience from challenging projects, combined with the ability to develop new methods and analytical tools, form a unique ability to deliver optimum solutions.

Rock and Soil Engineering
We cover all aspects of the entire planning and design process from feasibility and impact studies to detailed design and on site supervision during construction.

• General geology
• Engineering geology and rock mass classification
• Rock mechanics and stability issues
• Material properties and laboratory testing
• Numerical analyses and modeling
• Geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics
• Stability and subsidence issues
• Hydrogeological impact of underground structures
• Geophysical tools for investigation and documentation of geological conditions

Environmental Geo-Engineering
NGI seeks to achieve sustainable and cost-effective solutions for activities having a potential environmental impact on soil, groundwater or marine sediments.

• Investigation of contaminated soil, groundwater and sediments
• Risk assessment and impact studies
• Evaluation and design of measures
• Monitoring and pollution control
• Design of land- and subsea fills
• Tailings
• Handling/beneficial use of waste material

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