Novandi Chemistry AB

Novandi1– Radiosynthesis expertise

Novandi Chemistry is dedicated to facilitating the traditional complexity associated with experiments using radiolabeled compounds by offering a long-term responsibility for radioactively-labeled substances through long-term storage and continuous quality control.

Novandi Chemistry have extensive experience in de novo multi step synthesis of tritium, carbon-14 and stable isotope-labeled drug candidates and have a strong portfolio of fit for purpose label placement for ADME and imaging study success.

Novandi Chemistry AB is also a supplier of novel or “off-the-shelf” exclusive isotopically-labeled compounds for routine laboratory research.

The quality of the products are guaranteed by analysis employing such methods as LC-MS,
HPLC-Radiochemical flow, HPLC-UV, TLC Radioscan, and NMR.

The company also offers a general chemistry support for nuclear medicine applications such as positron emission tomography, and consulting in isotope chemistry, radiation safety (beta radiation), radioligand development and radiopharmaceutical chemistry.


Novandi Chemistry AB
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