Noviga Research

”Innovative Research to Fight Cancer”

Noviga Research develops novel smallmolecule anti-cancer drugs that can extend patient life.  Several compounds from the Noviga proprietary library have shown potent in vitro and in vivo anti-proliferative properties, including both solid and hematological malignancies. Our lead anti-cancer compound, NOV202, is close to entering GLP-tox studies, and we are planning for a Phase Ib/IIa clinical trial in patients with relapsing and/or treatment refractory cancer.

NOV202 a unique anti-cancer candidate
The anti-cancer drug candidate NOV202 is a smallmolecule microtubuletargeting and vascular disrupting agent for both intravenous and oral administration. NOV202 is as effective in cancer cells overexpressing the P-glycoprotein transporters which confer multidrug resistance, and is therefore an interesting candidate for second line treatment of Pglycoprotein mediated multidrug resistant tumours. The clinically used chemotherapeutic drugs, vincristine and paclitaxel, were found to be 500 -1000 fold less potent in the resistant cells. In vivo efficacy study in a human ovarian cancer xenograft model shows that NOV202 potently suppresses tumor growth with up to 80%, similar to the “golden standard”, Paclitaxel, in this model.

Treatment for Refractory Cancer
Overall, approximately 70% of patients diagnosed with ovarian epithelial cancer will relapse after firstline platinum- and taxane-based chemotherapy, and thus there is a large unmet need for novel and safe second line therapies. Furthermore, a significant proportion of breast and lung cancer patients, comprising around 20% of all cancer patients, also develop resistance to taxanebased chemotherapy, underlining the critical need for new therapeutic approaches.

Discovery program
Opportunity within the field of small molecule epigenetic inhibitors have emerged. Noviga has identified compounds within our proprietary library that bind to the epigenetic bromodomain family of protein target. This opens up exciting opportunities to move forward with an epigenetic drug discovery program on selective/pan bromodomain inhibitors.

“Preclinical data show that our lead compound, NOV202, could be of significant clinical benefit to patients with relapsing and treatment refractory cancer”.

Strong management team with more than 35 years within the Pharma industry.


Noviga1Marita Högberg, CEO, PhD, Founder;
20+ years in Pharmaceutical industry.




Noviga2Stefan Rehnmark, CSO, PhD Founder;
15+ years in Pharmaceutical Industry.




Intellectual Property Rights
Noviga has four patent families that are at different stages of examination. All patents are composition of matter patents with explicit compound protection. Patent family 1 has been granted in China, Japan, and USA, and in application stage in EU and Canada, priority date 2011. Patent family 2 has been granted in USA, and is in application stage in China, Japan, Canada and Europe, priority date in 2012. Patent families 3 and 4 have been filed in USA and Europe, priority date in 2013.

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