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NTNU,  Department of Geology and Mineral Resources EngineeringIntroduction
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the only university in Norway that educate master- and PhD candidates in mineral production. Department of Geology and Mineral resources engineering (IGB) is responsible for this education. IGB has at the present 17 professors and associate professors in permanent positions and seven adjunct professors and adjunct associate professors. This staff covers the whole value chain from ore geology, mining and mineral processing to reclamation and recycling.

The five year study program Geotechnology includes two lines of studies. These are Engineering- and environmental geology and Mineral production and technical resource geology. During the first two years of the study at IGB, the students get a theoretical grounding in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, geophysics and geology. After two years, the students select their line of study.

Mineral production and technical resource geology
Mineral production and technical resource geology consists of two specialisations. The specialisation will be defined by the courses the students follow in the third and fourth year. In the fifth year, the students complete a project work and a master thesis and a self-study course custom made for the interests of the student.


NTNU,  Department of Geology and Mineral Resources EngineeringIn the mineral production specialisation, the students are taught how to plan excavations and mine and process minerals. They learn how one can generate value from our natural resources and produce raw materials that our society depends on. Broadly speaking, the students can specialise in the actual extraction of the minerals in a pit or underground, in minerals engineering or in issues related to health, safety and environment.

The specialisation technical resource geology covers theoretical and practical aspects of all forms of non-renewable mineral resources. The students learn about the basic processes that enrich metals, industrial minerals and oil and gas. The aim of the specialisation is to make the students capable of contributing to a social responsible production and management of our mineral resources, through knowledge on how the resources were formed and occur, and how they are distributed. Further, the students are given education in exploration and in resource modelling.

The education is built up around excursions and field trips to local, national and international localities and industry. The students also interact with the industry in order for the students to get good insight into the challenges the industry is struggling with. Project- and master theses are mostly completed through a tight cooperation with the industry.

NTNU,  Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering

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