Engineering Polymer Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


World Leaders

With the ability to manufacture and machine a wide range of engineering polymers Nylacast are recognized as the market leader in the supply of Offshore and Subsea components. Nylacast has the knowledge and facilities to provide a full range of engineering polymer solutions supported by a full R&D and testing facility. Furthermore, Nylacast are FPAL registered and work in compliance to the high quality standards of ISO 9001/TS 16949 and  ISO 29001:2011 Oil & Gas.

With extensive experience in projects from the Asia-Pacific to the North Sea, with bespoke components and typical applications as diverse as sheaves, pipe in pipe spacers and ROV chassis, Nylacast are able to offer full assistance with specification, design and testing as well as material certification and implementation.

Nylacast Engineering polymers are often recognized as the perfect solution to the environments faced within the industry offering many advantages in Offshore and Subsea applications, such as: high impact strength and neutral buoyancy, as well as being self lubricating with a low co-efficient of friction which eliminates costly maintenance and service time. In addition, enhanced performance is available by building on the world renowned Nylacast brands of Nylube, Oilon and Aquanyl, coupled with the experience of our dedicated industry Engineers and Chemists, Nylacast is also able to tailor its materials to suit our customer’s projects and needs.


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