servicing, repair and manufacturing of vessels

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We work with the servicing, repair and manufacturing of vessels in the commercial shipping industry. Since our inception in 1916, we have accumulated the experience and skills that form the basis for today’s activities. Today we have a dry dock capacity of up to 900 tonnes on our slipway and a Power Hoist with a lifting capacity of 300 tonnes. We also manufacture equipment such as loading and mooring winches for shipping and trawling equipment for fishing vessels. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers, which means recruiting all the specialist skills required to maintain high quality and reliable delivery. We are located on Öckerö and Hönö in the northern Gothenburg archipelago.

About Ö-varvet
Ö-varvet is a shipbuilding and repair/maintenance yard which carries out dry docking, repair/maintenance, conversions, newbuilds and marine electronics at Öckerö, but we also have production facilities at Hönö where all mechanical work such as the manufacture of winches and steel and aluminium structures is performed. During the past decade we have made substantial changes to modernize our facility. These have resulted in new capabilities for dry docking, new quays, greater port depth and customized workshops for all specialities. Security has been reinforced by fencing and boundaries against other activities in the area. In 2009 we inaugurated our new hull hangar and our new office and project area. The business has also improved in organizational and environmental terms. With these achievements behind us, we feel that we have a good foundation for the future. Ö-varvet shipyard currently employs over 80 people and sales volume has increased ten-fold in the last ten years.

Our main service areas are currently: Dry docking Repair/ servicing · Watch/classification · 24h service Conversions · New-builds · Design/construction of trawl winches & trawl drums · Marine electronics Electricity · Motors/engines As the dry-docking process is the core of our business, it is clearly necessary for us to be able to offer many of our other services. We offer seven different specialist skills which together provide the competence and capacity to perform all work in the following areas: Design/construction · Bottom work such as cleaning and repainting · Plate and welding work · Plumbing Electronics · Mechanical engine work


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