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Oceaneering International Inc. is an advanced applied technology company that provides engineered products and services worldwide. Whether you operate subsea, out in space or anywhere with a harsh environment, Oceaneering can provide you with the right solutions. Oceaneering has 68 locations in 21 countries.

Oceaneering Norway delivers complex solutions within remote intervention technology, ‘all electric’ subsea solutions, dredging and decommissioning, valves and control systems, umbilical, ROV services, and rental and maintenance of subsea tooling & equipment

ROV drill support and completion, construction, intervention, surveying and inspection work
Oceaneering Norway is a provider of ROV services to the oil and gas industry with more than 70 reliable and well-proven ROV systems in operation on the Norwegian continental Shelf. Both work ROVs and observation ROVs are in our portfolio. One of our strengths is being an ‘ad-hoc problem solver’, by helping oil companies to avoid critical stops in operations.

oceaneeringOceaneering’s ROV department has extensive expertise for all kinds of ROV-related work, including but not limited to:

  • Drill support and completion
  • Vessel-based IMR and construction
  • Intervention
  • Surveying and inspection work
  • Ad-hoc problem solving

Remote Intervention Technology (RIT) and subsea tooling
Our operational experience started on the Norwegian continental shelf in 1987. The group has since expanded to be one of the largest groups that deliver remote intervention technology to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Our skilled engineers develop advanced products for reliable service. We design and manufacture a wide range of subsea-related tooling, emergency repair tools, standard ISO tools or tools made to client requirements and specifications.

Rental & Maintenance of tooling and equipment
Oceaneering has built up a rental tool-pool with the majority of tooling manufactured in-house. Our rental and maintenance department provides our clients with turnkey responsibility for repair, maintenance and storage of our clients’ own tooling (tool management). Over 600 rental tools are available in our tool-pool.

We offer all standard and purpose-made tooling used for offshore subsea operations and we assist our clients in finding the best solutions to meet their specific needs

Subsea electric actuators, power bank and control system components
Oceaneering Subsea All Electric (SAE) is a leading company within subsea electrification. SAE develop, design and build cutting-edge technology. SAE provide qualified and tested subsea electrical actuators for permanent installations or ROV deployment, as well as multifunctional subsea connectors, and power bank and control system solutions.

Control valves & remote control systems
Oceaneering Rotator is a premier designer and manufacturer of subsea and topside hydraulic control valves, subsea chemical injection valves and control systems for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Total umbilical provider
Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions is a world leader in the design and manufacture of subsea control umbilicals for offshore applications. Numerous types and sizes of umbilicals are supplied to the offshore oil and gas industry for nearly 35 years.

Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions offer static and dynamic umbilicals utilizing:

  • Steel tubes
  • Thermoplastic hoses
  • High-voltage cables
  • Low and medium voltage signal cables
  • Fiber optic cables

NCA – A technology-strong contractor for the Energy and Industrial sectors
NCA focus on mature plants, maximizing production uptime, reducing the lifecycle costs, and minimizing the environmental impact from the operation and decommissioning phases.

Dredging and decommissioning: rock dump removal, seabed leveling, pile excavation and cutting services
Oceaneering is a specialist provider of dredging and decommissioning services to the offshore industry. With an extensive range of decommissioning tools, smart dredging solutions and highly competent engineer’s capabilities, Oceaneering designs and develops solutions for even the most challenging projects.


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