Ockham Oncology

Ockham has merged with Chiltern Oncology as the specialist division delivering expertise
across all phases of oncology clinical development.

Leading the fight against cancer, one clinical trial at a time
Founded in 1986, with the goal of advancing oncology therapies to market, and with a view to improving the lives of those with cancer. Ockham Oncology has built a history of stability and experience and is proud to be the world’s only pure oncology global CRO, specialising in the conduct of oncology clinical trials. Ockham has completed over 350 oncology studies phase I-III to date, in its quest to find effective therapies to fight cancer.

Headquarters in Europe and North America
With highly experienced staff strategically located in numerous locations across 12 countries, spanning 4 continents. This ensures consistent and permanent expertise from stable project teams, each selected due to their strong oncology background and particular niche area of oncology expertise.

Why Ockham Oncology?
Our focus, our commitment, and our energy result in an acute understanding of cancer – and a real passion to fight it.

We understand the need for adaptability in an ever-changing environment. Adhering to proven methods, while maintaining flexibility, provides a closer link to discovering solutions for our clients.

The leading oncologists and thought leaders serving on Ockham Oncology’s Scientific Advisory Board are dedicated to bring promising oncology therapies to market. Their global collaboration with leading oncology centres across Europe and North America have earned respect and recognition around the globe for Ockham Oncology’s drug development effort.

Driven by outcome. Defined by expertise.
Ockham Oncology provides a fully comprehensive support system for clinical research, and management for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies striving to develop new cancer treatments around the world. These include Scientific Affairs, Global Clinical Operations, Feasibility, Medical Affairs, Data Management and Biometrics.

Ockham oncology

Dr Clare Wareing, Chief Oncology Officer:

“Because of our expertise, we continue to be sought after by clinical partners. Our track record and our passion is well known within the oncology community, with sites and investigators.”


Ockham oncology

Ockham Oncology
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