Offshore Marine Contractors BV

Over 30 Years of Hands-On Experience, OMC have to date performed in excess of 3000 marine operations

Offshore Marine Contractors (OMC) offers a variety of Marine services to the offshore and maritime industries from our UK offices in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth and our office in Hoogeveen the Netherlands.

Originally formed in 1985 the company changed its name to OMC in 1992 following a number of mergers. Some of our present senior personnel have been active in the company since its inception.

OMC’s strength lies within its in-house team of Master Mariners who are fully conversant with the technical and operational skills required in today’s offshore environment.

The Qualifications and experience of our Mariners coupled with the complementary skills of our offshore broking staff enables OMC to offer the wide range of integrated services which centres around the movement of Mobile Drilling Units, Offshore transportation and installation in general.


Schoklandstraat 58, 7906 BT, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
+31 (0)528 230445