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Demanding Operations
Anchor Handling. Supply Vessel operations. Subsea Lifting. Rig Moves. These are just some examples of demanding offshore operations that require coordinated efforts. Even small mistakes, misjudgements or poor communication might lead to unexpected and potentially dangerous situations. Increasingly offshore companies have identified a need for realistic training of their crew in a safe and controlled environment.

World Class Simulators
Based on advanced 3D graphics, sophisticated mathematical models and state of the art projection techniques, we have developed the worlds most advanced simulators for offshore operations. This includes complete offshore vessel bridges with all relevant controls and systems. Using intelligent software and interfaces we are able to produce solutions where we can change the vessel’s environment including altering the weather, winds, waves and time of day at the touch of a button. OSC is able to provide “virtual reality” 3D environments using a game-style user interface. This will allow deck personnel to train in all relevant activities and scenarios. Crane simulators are available both as stand-alone solutions and integrated in team-based simulations. We provide several optional display systems. These range from single or multiple LCD displays, to hemispherical domes with various sizes and viewing angles of up to a full 360- degree projection display.

Team Training
The training solutions are developed in close cooperation with Ålesund University College (Høgskolen i Ålesund), and have set a new standard for team-based training of offshore personnel. With focus on communication and continuous evaluation of how individuals and the team are performing, the training has proved hugely successful.

Training Centre Design
offshore simulation centreWe can also help plan and design complete training centres. Using modern 3D visualization tools. Our industrial design and architectural knowledge can be used to ensure that the training centre is highly functional and has a modern stylish aesthetic emphasizing the high-tech products OSC supplies.

Successful installations
We have delivered complete training centres for customers in France, Singapore and we are currently installing what will be the world’s largest offshore simulator centre in Australia. This will become operational during 2011. In OSC´s head-office in Ålesund, Norway, we also have a complete training centre, offering training on a commercial basis. To date, more than 1000 crew members have completed training in this centre.

You are invited
You are hereby invited to come and visit our simulator in Ålesund. Seeing is believing.

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