Offspring Biosciences

Offspring Biosciences AB provides advanced contract research services to customers primarily within the biopharmaceutical industry. We deliver data which support decision making for successful and more cost effective development of novel treatments of human diseases. The information targets key questions in pharmaceutical drug development such as the relevancy of the chosen drug targets, the drug binding properties, the effectiveness of the drug in preclinical treatment studies on pathological biomarkers and disease processes as well as its potential safety liabilities and manifestations. In addition, we facilitate our customer’s translational research with comparative analyses between the human disease state and the corresponding preclinical models in animals and can provide support for development of ligands for PET imaging.  Examples of delivered studies are:

–    Characterization of the distribution and regulation of drug targets in normal and disease-affected tissues from humans and preclinical animal models
–    Profiling of the binding properties of drugs (low molecular weight and biopharmaceuticals)
–    Assessment of drug – target engagement in vitro and ex vivo
–    Evaluation of effects in preclinical models

We engage with our customers to define the best strategic and techniqual approach to answer their project specific needs and we deliver full study support, from planning to execution and reporting. The core of our expertise and analytical tool box is based on a mix of molecular pathology-based methods, including:

–    Chromogenic In situ Hybridization Histochemistry (RNAScope)
–    Single and multiplexed Immunohistochemistry,
     In situ PLA
–    Receptor autoradiography
–    Image analysis, including stereology, using Visiopharm’s advanced software platform
–    Efficient tissue processing, including generation and analyses in high-density tissue microarrays
–    Acquisition and characterization of tissues
–    Stringent quality assessment  of tools, samples and equipments
–    Digital whole slide slide scanning and structured illumination microscopy

In addition, we offer extended capabilities through our network of collaborating partners for complementary and more integrated analytical solutions (e.g. in vivo pharmacology, human and veterinary pathology, radiochemistry, bioanalysis and whole body autoradiography).

We conduct our services in laboratory facilities at the Biovation Park Telge, with full techniqual configuration to deliver in a time and cost-effective manner.  Although our experience is primarily from supporting pharmaceutical research targeting CNS disorders and chronic pain, our services are generic and our deliveries includes studies on behalf of projects targeting a range of disease states, such as:
–    Alzheimer’s disease
–    Parkinson’s disease
–    Multiple sclerosis
–    Chronic pain states
–    Diabetes
–    Cancer

Our company was founded in 2012 by Anders Dahlstrand, Dan Sunnemark and Anne Svensson, former members of an internal team for histopahology services at AstraZeneca’s R&D unit in Södertälje, Sweden. As such, they bring extensive experience (each > 12 years) from the pharmaceutical industry on delivering timely data with high reliability and informativity in line with the demands from the project and line organization.  We are now actively recruiting new staff members to meet an increasing demand for support from our customers.

For further information:
Anders Dahlstrand.
Mobile: +46 73 2020307


Biovation Park Telge, SE-151 21 Södertälje
+46 8 400 112 30