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Oilfield Technology Group

OTG provides products, services and competence to the global petroleum industry. OTG provides a broad range of senior drilling and safety experts; e. g. drilling and well supervisors and engineers, risk analysts and project engineers, technical safety and automation specialists to leading operators, service companies and rig owners.

OTG has for more than a decade performed over 400 safety studies on offshore rigs. Our R&D department converts the practical field expertise to innovative risk reducing software solutions.

Our core services are:
> Drilling & Well Management
> HSE & Offshore Safety Management
> D&W Project Services
> Process/Automation
> Emergency Preparedness
> Project and Risk Management
> Engineering Support
> Software Products and Software Development

OTG is an independent Norwegian corporation, with offices in Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo Norway. We have regional partners for global distribution of software solutions.



Oilfield Technology Group AS
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