Olaer AS

Accumulators, coolers, pumps and filters

Olaer AS is part of the GLOBAL Olaer Group Ltd. A corporation specialized in Fluid Energy Management.

Present on 5 continents with partnerships with the major operators worldwide to provide customers with personalized and unrivaled levels of close support. Aware that different environments, rules, legislations and cultures have different demands allows the different subsidiaries in the group to adapt and specialize. Products can be supplied in almost any material, pressure, size and colour.

The OLAER Group manufactures, markets and/or distributes a range of accumulators, oil coolers, hydraulic pumps and filters that represent high quality and superior technology.

For more than 50 years, dynamic and constant development has permitted the OLAER Group to position itself as one of the world’s leaders in the provision of fluid management solutions.

From conception to commercialization, the OLAER Group deals with the challenges faced by its customers by presenting solutions for energy storage, cooling and filtration of fluids.

The Norwegian operation has it’s own design office that enables tailor made piston accumulators and a workshop that can assemble smaller accumulator and cooling systems according to customer specifications.

Olaer AS is ideally located at Ski outside Oslo, near most other Norwegian hydraulics suppliers.

Olaer AS was formerly known as Oiltech AS and has been in business for 35 years in Norway.

Olaer AS
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