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Onsagers, IP lawOnsagers is an IP law firm offering a full range of services in the areas of Patents, Trademarks, Design, and IP Legal matters to International clients seeking advice on handling IP in Europe (EU) and Norway. Additionally we offer a full range of IP Management services such as IP Intelligence and Surveillance, Portfolio Management, IP Due Diligence and Strategic evaluation.

We offer not only the knowledge of our employees, but also the experience of all of our international partners. Onsagers represents clients in all commercial areas with a particularly focus on a business strategic approach to all IP related matters. Whether clients are seeking to protect their brands and technology or need to analyse the access to future market opportunities, the link between business and IP is the key to creating value through IP.

For more than 60 years we have represented domestic clients in more than 150 different countries worldwide. By combining a business minded approach to IP with a carefully selected network of international partners we dare say that we have expanded the horizons of our clients and have contributed to international business. With an experienced staff of 50 partners and employees, Onsagers is one of the largest IP law firms in Norway committed to offering IP services of high quality with an effective and up to date infrastructure.

Working with international clients on an international arena requires international competence. A majority of our patent attorneys are qualified European Patent Attorneys and all Attorneys at Law are specialised in IP law. Onsagers is located in Oslo, the capital of Norway, with a regional office in Tromsø.

Onsagers, IP law

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