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Operma work with our customers to utilize the maximum amount of their current maintenance hardware and software investments. Our main objectives are to reduce planned/unplanned downtime and repair costs by offering a high performance, reliable and scalable system at prices that can accomondate most budgets.


Our services Engineering and Technical Support are based on our many years with experiences from landbased and offshore industry and includes:

  • Maintenance Engineering
    • Analysis/Assessment/Gap analysis
    • Strategy
    • Procedures
    • Critical Analysis
    • Project Planning
    • Project Mangement
  • Maintenance Support and Training
    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Spare Part Management
    • Root Cause Problem Elimination
    • Maintenance Coaching
  • Services
    • Implement data and setting up your current maintenance system
    • Performing Condition monitoring/Inspection
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Maintenance Management
    • Campaign maintenance
    • Hydraulic and lube systems
    • Modifications
    • Chemical and hot-oil flushing
    • Project management



A Training Program is one of the main keys to success in maintenance. We offer training separate or as a part of a package. Together with our partners, we provide a comprehensive maintenance training program.


opermaOur Turn Key Solutions are based on the excellent software solution MAINTelligence from Design Maintenance Systems Inc.. We design your CMMS/EAM and CMS systems by combining your experiences and our Maintenance Engineering experience with a well functioning Predictive Maintenance based CMMS to bring you results

  • Asset Basic Care and Equipment Inspections.
    Don’t let inspection data go into the trash can – turn your inspections into a valuable resource for monitoring equipment health, improving safety and increasing production.
  • Asset Maintenance Management
    MAINTelligence is a full-featured maintenance management program system (CMMS) with advanced scheduling capability, asset tracking, spare parts management, root cause failure analysis and purchasing/procurement capabilities.
  • opermaCondition Monitoring
    MAINTelligence is the only system you need to build a comprehensive machine condition monitoring program by using ALL of the available monitoring technologies:
    • Vibration analysis
    • Lubrication analysis
    • Thermography
    • Ultrasonic measurements
    • Motor monitoring
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
    The intelligent agents for equipment health assessment and work scheduling are fully customizable to create a complete, integrated and automated equipment reliability system.



We are Adding Value to existing systems by partnering with your systems to fill maintenance and reliability systems gaps that are not been addressed. The program is designed based on industry standards such as XML and SQL/ODBC to ensure that data can easely be integrated into the most sophisticated distribution environments.

MAINTelligence can be configured to work in concert with an enterprise asset management system (EAM).

More and more frequently, large end users are using MAINTelligence as a “front line” application to collect information about the condition of an asset, and having this information “trigger” maintenance requests/ notifications in enterprise systems such as:

  • SAP R/3 (PM Module)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EAM Module)
  • Indus EMPAC
  • JD Edwards World/OneWorld/EnterpriseOne
  • IBM Maximo
  • Etc.
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