OPERON, S.A. – A wide experience, which goes back to 1973, supports the quality of our products

Operon1OPERON was established in 1973 as a private R&D laboratory in the field of immunochemistry. Nowadays, we are exporting to 50 countries all over the world. An extremely important part of the development of new products are the phases of Research and Development.

These steps define and support the company strategy to enable our researchers to get special and innovative products, most of the time, unique in the market.

New projects are continuously proposed in OPERON. After assessing the market potential and resources, the most interesting projects are approved to be developed.


Operon2Developments that meet your needs
OPERON S.A., is the integral solution for your tests design and manufacturing difficulties. We offer you the following services:

• Personalised design according to the needs of the customer.
• Large scale production of tests designed by the client.
• Manufacturing in OEM format.
• Co-operation with other companies and public institutions in the development and manufacture of immuno and molecular assays for the detections of new biochemical markers

OPERON is seeking for distributors worldwide. Currently the company has distributors in many countries. We are open to consider co-operations in diffferent countries, which could imply development of new tests, technology transfer and/or joint ventures.

Products, markets and technologies

Operon3Raw Materials: development of hybridomes and MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES production. High affinity constant, specifity and stability

• Mabs: AFP, Alk. Phosphat., HbsAg, hCG, Hemocyanin, Human Hb, PigMAP, PSA, Rabbit Ig, Core HCV, p24HIV, HRP, Rotavirus, Biotin, Fluor., Isocyanate, Adenovirus Bacteria transformation and  RECOMBINANT ANTIGENS production
• rAg: tTG, MACH-chagas, 1F8-chagas, gp41-HIV, gp36-HIV


Operon4Rapid Test: we are highly specialised in non-instrumental rapid tests for nearly 20 years:

• Human Diagnostic: Rota-Noro, Rotavirus, Rota-Adeno, Norovirus, Giardia, Crypto, CRY-GIA, Entamoeba, CRY-GIA-ENT, 2A-Bdiff, GDH, VER-O157, Chagas, Chagas WB, HBsAg,PSA, CD1, CD2, CD1WB, CD2WB, hCG, hCG s&u.
•    Food Analysis: cGMP



Operon5Molecular Diagnostic

• Opegen products (hybridization on strip): CeliacStrip, YchromStrip, HPV-High Risk, HPV High+Low Risk, LactoStrip, HemochromaStrip, ThromboStrip, HLA B27 Strip, HLA B5701Strip, STD’s Panel, S.pneumoStrip.

• OligoGen products (oligoimmunochromatography): CT OligoGen, HSV1/2 Oligogen, NG Oligogen, MG OligoGen, TV OligoGen, CT+NG+MG OligoGen, CT+LGV OligoGen, B27 OligoGen.

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