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OrganoClick AB develops and supplies a range of unique, environmentally friendly renewable materials and bioadditives used to modify fiber based materials. With our proprietary OrganoClick®-technology for modification of fibers, a multitude of value added properties can be given to the materials such as water repellency, increased strength, and resistance to fire and fungal attacks. Products marketed by the company include OrganoTex® – water repellent textiles, OrganoWood® – modified wood resistant to biological degradation and fire, and a number of industrial bioadditives.

OrganoClick AB

OrganoCLick ABAward winning solution
In 2008, OrganoClick was awarded for its unique and “green” technology with the prestigious Swedish environmental innovation price “Miljöinnovation”. The same year the company was recognized as the most promising start-up by winning the prize “Innovation and Technology Award”. In 2010 the company was also appointed as a “Climate Solver” by the World Wildlife Foundation – WWF and in 2011 OrganoClick was also appointed as one of Sweden’s 20 most innovative companies by the Swedish Institute.

The OrganoClick®-technology
OrganoClick bases its business on its proprietary technology platform for modification of fiber-based materials. By using environmentally friendly natural compounds as catalysts, functional groups are attached to the fibers. The functional groups can give the material functions such as enhanced mechanical properties, hydrophobicity, fire resistance and fungal resistance.

Business areas and products
OrganoClick works within the business areas textiles, wooden products, and paper and packaging. Products currently on the market include:

  • OrganoClick AB WoodOrganoTex® – water repellent textiles
  • OrganoWood® – protecting wood from fire and fungal decay
  • OC-biobinder™ – bioaddivite used to improve the mechanical properties in textiles
  • OC-aquasil™ – bioadditive that renders superhydrophobicity and dimensional stability to wood and paper
OrganoClick AB
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