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We all come into contact with lots of packaging in our day-to-day lives. Often, we do not even give it a thought – after all, packaging is very much something we see all the time. But a fantastic amount of work goes into successful packaging. It has to perform lots of different functions. It has to protect the product, inform people about its contents, provide advice and instructions on how to use the product and at the same time create a profile and add value from a brand perspective. Special demands are made of packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Ori Medical in Ystad is a company which has plenty of experience of this. It packages all kinds of things, from antidepressants to catheters.

Ori Medical works with both primary and secondary packing and is often involved in the process early on in order to assist its clients with finding the most effective packaging solutions. We focus strongly on streamlining and quality work in everything we do.

Primary packing takes place in cleanrooms, and there are lots of different options to choose from. There can be different kinds of bottles, blister packs or deep blister packs.

Functional aspects are important: packaging have to be easy to open while at the same time remaining sealed, tamper proof and ensuring that the contents have the required shelf life. Ori Medical is a committed partner that frequently helps its clients to develop packaging solutions from the ground up.

As far as secondary packing is concerned, the company has a number of production lines with integral control systems which keep manual handling to a minimum. This builds safety into the process. Parallel-imported pharmaceuticals that have to be repackaged are checked on arrival by an automatic system in order to ensure that the batch number is correct. The production lines are also used for labelling, printing with inkjet bar or 2D codes. 2D codes are becoming more and more important. European countries are already demanding that these should replace the EAN codes.

For many clients, the fact that Ori Medical keeps bulk pharmaceuticals in stock and ships them to various markets on a just-in-time basis is a major advantage. “A lot of companies choose us because we are flexible and have extremely short lead times. We can switch quickly from one product to another,” says Birgitta Olsson, Head of Marketing and Sales at Ori Medical.

Ori Medical also offers a range of related services. It develops packaging from the ground up, manufacture necessary tools, carries out various tests, and validates, documents and reports. As far as medical devices are concerned, packaging is a part of the product which may be of crucial significance to its function. Ori Medical has many years of experience of various technical solutions, and this is a growing client segment.

The company holds accreditation to EU GMP and ISO 13485. During the latest inspection by the Medical Products Agency, MPA, Ori Medical was also granted a licence to release pharmaceuticals from a third country (outside the EU). The US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has inspected the company’s facilities and submitted its approval for the handling of both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The company is compliant with the FDA’s 21CFR 820 rules and has been granted a licence to handle drugs. The company also has years of experience and established procedures relating to chilled products.

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