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Orthogenics AS



Orthogenics is located in Tromsø Science Park. The company focuses on R&D
within joint diseases, primarily osteoarthritis (OA) and peri-prosthetic loosening
(PPL).  The company’s core competence is in the development of diagnostic
tests and  therapeutic targets using modern molecular biological methods.





Orthogenics aims to provide easy-to-use diagnostics for early detection of joint diseases, OA and PPL, based on the company’s patented discoveries. The company’s ambition is to improve the treatment options for patients by guiding effective treatment based on a molecular understanding of the underlying disease processes.

About Orthogenics
Orthogenics was founded in 1999, based on the results of research collaboration between the University of Tromsø and the University Hospital of North Norway. The founders’ background from molecular biology and orthopedics, respectively, made it possible to collaborate across the disciplines, thus creating a new approach to old problems possible. A first patent was filed in 2001. A new patent was filed in 2013.

Orthogenics currently has six employees and a fully equipped ServiceLab facility. The executive board of directors and the scientific advisory board provide a broad knowledge base and network for the company’s activities, with both a R&D and a commercial focus.

Orthogenics has received several large grants from the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway. This, together with a good relation to local, regional and national investors, provides a strong foundation for a very ambitious scientific program.


Diagnostics & Prognostics
The current best practice for diagnosis of joint diseases is a multi factorial exercise demanding use of highly trained personnel and use of expensive and complicated imaging instruments.

Orthogenics’ tests are based on a molecular understanding of disease processes and provide not only an answer to disease status but also information on how the best treatment should be applied. Several new tests are under development for launch in the next three-year period.

Currently tests are offered as on-demand services from the company’s ServiceLab. Future tests will be available as kits for even easier use directly in the GPs or orthopedic clinic.

Today there is no effective treatment that stops or reverses the pathological processes ongoing in OA or PPL. Orthogenics has identified specific biological mechanisms activated in sub-groups of patients with accelerated disease progression. Orthogenics seeks to develop treatments based on these molecular targets together with pharmaceutical partners.

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