Orust Fartygsservice AB

A reliable partner

Orust Fartygsservice AB started in 1978 and have since that build up a solid clientnetwork both national and international.
We perform all kind of reconditioning, service and
maintenance on ships dieselengines, propulsion-lines and auxiliary equipment. To our aid we have a vast mobile tool and machine section, a well equipped workshop and highly qualified technicians.

Our services:

Overhaul of dieselengines with necessary machining.
Alignment of gears, pumps and generators etc.
Overhaul of thrusters, rudders and propellershafts.
Overhaul and pressuretest of coolers, valves and tanks.
We provide spareparts for most enginetypes.


1pc 5T traverse
1pc 2X5T traverse
1pc 3T traverse
6pcs swingarms 750-1000kg

1pc Langed industriwash 4T (agitating)
1pc Tejo 1900
1pc coolerwash (agitating)

1pc Correa A10 3,5T
1pc Vertical turning lathe
1pc Profila 1M63H 630mm diameter
and various smaller mills and lathes.

Chris-Marine tools:
2pcs VSL
2pcs MSD
1pc BSP
4pcs CPL
2pcs PTL
7pcs Honingmachine 180mm-900mm

Tools for superfinishing of crankpins

Orust Fartygsservice AB
Industrivägen 13, SE-473 31 Henån
+46 304 317 50