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Sometimes things get urgent. An offshore vessel lies idle with a broken propeller, or a propeller manufacturer requires a new prototype at short notice for a test project. These are the kind of challenges that Oshaug Metall is tuned to deal with effectively. From ‘cold start’ to ready-to-use product in a couple of weeks.


Because Oshaug Metall can produce patterns, manufacture near net shape castings, and provide final machining of propeller blades, it has unique control over both quality and lead times. When this is combined with skilled professionals in the workplace, it makes for a flexible and efficient production line. It also gives Oshaug an advantage in what is currently a demanding market. It allows us to accept a number of orders with short delivery deadlines without affecting the delivery times of existing orders. In certain cases, Oshaug Metall can deliver a complete set of propeller blades from ‘cold start’, e.g. from pattern manufacture to installation-ready, in 2 weeks. And the company is aiming at further reducing its lead times in the future.


Oshaug Metall is a 3rd generation manufacturing business located in Molde, producing NiAl bronze propeller components for vessels. The company’s widely respected quality components are marketed under its own Copperstorm® brand. The components are used by the world’s leading propeller producers and their most demanding propeller installations. Oshaug Metall counts every propeller producer in Scandinavia amongst its customers. Military vessels, oil service vessels, cruise ships and super yachts regularly use Copperstorm propeller components. As the only all service provider of propeller blades in Scandinavia, we design, execute, oversee and monitor every detail in the whole production process ourselves.


Nickel aluminium bronze (NiAl bronze) is one of the prime engineering alloys in the world and is the material of choice for high performance ship propellers. This complex and high alloy bronze represents, technically speaking, one of the most challenging alloys for the foundry engineer. For more than 80 years and over three generations, Oshaug Metall has developed and tuned its metallurgical and foundry expertise to today’s unrivalled level of refinement in the production of high integrity NiAl bronze castings. For the customer, the company’s dedication to excellence in the production of this delicate alloy means a consistent supply of superior propeller components in cast NiAl bronze.

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