Oskarshamnsvarvet Sweden AB

Oskarshamnsvarvet (Oskarshamn Shipyard) has built, repaired and maintained substantial parts of the Swedish coastal fleet since 1863. With more than 100 years of shipbuilding, our experience goes far back in time. These days, our operations at the yard are specialized in service and maintenance of vessels of varying sizes.

Oskarshamnsvarvet has the only floating dock on Sweden‘s east coast, and our unique dry-docking and launching system means that we are able to work on advanced lengthening and reconditioning projects.

Here In it, we can accommodate ships of up to 85 metres in length and 15 metres width, weighing up to 1800 tons. We also have 316 metres of quay and a water depth of eight metres, enabling us to receive the majority of Swedish coastal vessels.

Our customers in the shipping sector value the high quality of the work we carry out on their vessels, whether it is service, conversion or maintenance. Oskarshamnsvarvet offers wide-ranging expertise and versatility in most types of maintenance work.

Thanks to the excellent work carried out at the yard, a great many vessels have been rejuvenated and modernized and had their service life extended. As part of this work, it has also been possible to improve personnel safety, operational reliability and onboard comfort to modern standards. Working with quality-improving measures on a daily basis, as we do, it is no surprise that we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


Oskarshamnsvarvet Sweden AB
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