Oslo Cancer Cluster

The potential for radical innovations and development of game changing products is huge within the global health sector, and for cancer in particular. Oncology is the most potent and promising segment of the biopharmaceutical industry globally, predicted to grow 7% annually to reach 878 bNOK in only 5 years. Norway holds significant advantages to realize and thrive on this potential.

Oslo Cancer Cluster´s vision is to improve the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of cancer diagnostics and treatments.

Oslo Cancer Cluster is the most mature biomedical innovation cluster in Norway. The cluster is well positioned in the global oncology industry, and has developed the Nordics as an international hub for oncology innovation. Since 2007 we have built a broad base of international partnerships, and the cluster attracts foreign capital. We have a proven track-record for international success in commercialization of health research: Photocure successfully launched 2 new products on the market in only 5 years. Algeta launched Xofigo in 2013 and is now expanding greatly in Norway as part of Bayer AG. We currently hold a world-class pipeline in particularly potent fields of cancer research and will open Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and Incubator, a unique and internationally attractive space for research and industry development, in Oslo in August 2015.

–    The Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and Incubator pool cross-sector know-how, infrastructure and experience along the entire value chain from basic research and clinical trials to intellectual property management and industrialization. The Innovation Park and Incubator will form an internationally attractive hotbed for the dynamic knowledge development and innovation processes that generate radical innovations. The Incubator shall approach and attract investors from Norway and abroad.
–    Immuno-oncology. Cancer immunotherapy was labeled “one of the world’s top disrupters” by Goldman Sachs in 2013. The global market is expected to grow significantly. Immuno-oncology is one of Oslo Cancer Cluster’s prime strength areas.
–    Precision medicine. “… is one of the biggest opportunities for breakthroughs in medicine that we have ever seen” said President Obama in January 2015. Oncology is at the forefront in this development. Norway, with its cancer registry, national biobanks, unique personal iD numbers, and a public health care system holds significant advantages internationally. This enable the cluster to carry out world class research and to attract international competence.

At present Oslo Cancer Cluster have 67 members from Norway, the Nordic region and Europe. This includes 19 global biopharmaceutical companies, 14 academic institutions, 20 biotech companies and 14 companies with supporting functions. Most of the biotech companies are spin-offs from academic cancer research.


Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and Incubator open in August 2015.

Oslo Cancer Cluster
Ullernchausseen 64/66, NO-0379 Oslo