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Oslo Patentkontor AS is a private IP consultancy assisting international and Norwegian companies and private persons in protecting their business ideas through patents, trademarks, designs and related areas, such as marketing law, domain names, business names, copyright, plant breeders’ rights and protecting and enforcing your legal rights. We have expert knowledge in counterfeit goods and customs surveillance, and our in-house attorneys provide legal assistance in conflicts related to all the areas above.


Oslo Patent kontor, Cradle by “so-ro AS”, Norwegian design registration no. 81454.We are a medium-sized patent agency and thus large enough to guarantee reliability and quality, but small enough to provide tailor-made solutions to each client. With over 100 years of experience in the business, we are highly qualified and have a broad experience in securing the appropriate protection for our customers, both nationally and internationally, within any industry sector.

Our core business areas are services related to patents, trademarks and designs. We guide our clients through the entire innovation process. We can, inter alia, contribute with searches to map potentially interfering rights & freedom to operate analysis, the drafting and filing of applications, necessary agreements and representation and litigation should there be a conflict.

A Norwegian IP portfolio should only consist of the rights which contribute to your business strategy for Norway. Accordingly, we advise you on suitable protection strategies, and we can provide you with a systematic overview of your Norwegian portfolio and corresponding budgeting needs to ensure that you only keep the relevant rights in force in Norway.

We can also assist you in enforcement issues. In addition to representing you in protests, infringement cases and other law suits, we can provide you with expert knowledge and experience regarding counterfeit goods and border control, as well as systematic surveillance of your competitors’ activities.

Oslo Pantentkontor, AutoSock® is design and patent protected and also a registered trademark. It is a textile cover which is a quick and easy solution for better grip when surprised by winter conditions.A product that is not protected by a patent, design or trademark registration might be protected in other ways in Norway, mainly by laws regarding copyright and marketing. Other forms of protection of interest are domain and business names.

Oslo Patentkontor AS has a legal department consisting of in-house attorneys-at-law who can provide legal assistance in conflicts regarding all fields of intellectual property, including design, patent and trademark rights, marketing and competition law, domain name rights, business name rights, copyright, counterfeiting and border control.

Get Your European Patent Validated in Norway Oslo Patentkontor AS can assist you in validating your European patents in Norway, provided that the effective filing date of the European patent application (i.e. the international filing date in the case of Euro-PCT applications) is January 1, 2008 or later.

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