Østensjø Rederi AS

Østensjø Rederi is a private company and has been a leading provider of offshore services since 1973. The company operates a fleet of 31 modern vessels, including 21 tugs, 9 offshore service vessels and 1 accommodation vessel. On order are 1 offshore vessel and 1 tug for delivery in 2013. The group employs 550 employees.

østensjø rederiCompany Objective
The company’s success in the offshore support and towage sectors of the marine industry can be attributed to a philosophy and culture which aims to achieve excellence in all its undertakings. Østensjø Rederi AS’ prime objective is to add value to its customers’ businesses. As a result, it continuously develops and utilizes innovative technological solutions in meeting customers’ demanding requirements

Offshore Services
The company has been at the forefront of Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) design and operation since this type of vessel first came into service. From 1978 to the present, the company’s PSVs have been employed by several oil majors to service their installations in the North Sea. The PSVs have also operated in support of major subsea pipe laying projects in the North Sea, Mediterranean and in the Australia/East Timor Sea.

Subsea Services
The company rebuilt one of the PSV’s into a Subsea vessel, and thereby a new era of the company’s history started. Today Østensjø Rederi AS has 3 subsea Vessel in its fleet and 2 multi purpose vessels.

Østensjø Rederi AS is now involved in many areas within subsea support including ROV/survey, cable lay, trenching, heavy lift, removal operations and module handling. With the delivery of Edda Fauna the company extended its operations to include the inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations.

Terminal & Tug Services
In 1985 the company secured its first contract to provide a package of services for oil and gas terminals including towage, pollution control, fire-fighting, mooring operations and tanker escort. In 2007 Østensjø Rederi AS extended its services at major gas terminals to include complete logistical operation. A total of 15 tugs and 6 mooring vessels are presently in service at oil and gas terminals in UK, Ireland, and Norway.

østensjø rederiAbout Edda Accommodation:
Edda Accommodation, a part of Østensjø Rederi, provides offshore accommodation services to operators and contractors who are involved in exploration, production and construction worldwide. Edda Accommodation owns and operates the monohull accommodation vessel Edda Fides. The vessel was delivered in March 2011 and has accommodation for 600 persons.

Edda Accommodation has secured the utilisation of Edda Fides until the end of 2013.

The new contracts illustrate the strengths of Edda Fides and the advantages of monohull accommodation vessels in general. The ability to provide high quality accommodation services and at the same time fast and significantly more cost efficient transits between contracts www.eddaaccommodation.com

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