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Østensjø Rederi has a mission to add value to customers business by providing innovative and cost efficient solutions without compromising the highest level within health, safety, environment and quality (HSE&Q)

Østensjø Rederi was established in 1974, and is today a leading supplier within the offshore support, subsea, towage and accommodation sectors.

The company’s success in the offshore support, subsea, towage and accommodation sectors of the marine industry can be attributed to a philosophy and culture which aims to achieve excellence in all its undertakings. Østensjø Rederi’s prime objective is to add value to its customers businesses. As a result it continuously develops and utilizes innovative technological solutions in meeting customers demanding requirements.

Terminal and Tug services – the company has a fleet of 16 tugs and 6 mooring vessels. The vessels provide services as towage, pollution control, firefighting, mooring operations, tanker escort, rig-move assistance. The company also provide logistical operations for the oil and gas terminals.

Offshore services – the company has a fleet of 4 offshore support vessels. The company has been in the forefront of Platform Supply Vessel design and operation since this type of vessel first came into service. With high cargo rails, DP, Drill cutting tanks, Voith Schneider propulsion system and now the mindset that developed Edda Ferd, the Wold’s Most Environmentally Friendly Platform Supply Vessel.

Subsea services – With its 3 custom made subsea vessels Østensjø Rederi is involved in many areas within subsea support such as ROV/Survey, cable lay, trenching, heavy lift, removal operation, inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations.

Accommodation services – the company has a fleet of 1 Monohull vessel, 1 converted multipurpose vessel and 1 new building monohull. The vessel provides high standard living quarters, recreations areas, conference opportunities, fitness areas for customer’s personnel while working offshore. Its unique heave compensated hydraulic telescopic gangway for the client’s personnel to walk safely to and from work during construction support, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore installations worldwide. The vessels also provide a large deck for cargo handling and work shop area.

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