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Ostfold Research AS, established in 1988, is a Norwegian national research company. The company’s vision is to contribute to knowledge for the sustainable development of society through innovation. The research is centred environmental protection research and business and regional development research. 23 highly qualified staff work at Ostfold Research.

Ostfold Research in a regional, national and international context
Ostfold Research was established with the aim of contributing to and strengthen research activities in the county of Ostfold and is an important driving force for regional development together with Ostfold University College, the Institute for Energy Technology -IFE, The Norwegian University of Life Sciences – UMB, Ostfold County Council and the employers’ and workers’ organisations (NHO and LO). Ostfold Research is a part of the Norwegian organisation for regionally based research, known as the FOKUS institutes.

Ostfold Research also plays an important national and international role in supporting companies in development and environmental declarations and resource efficient products and processes. Examples are sea food packaging, biogas, bioethanol, electricity, waste management, efficient buildings and building materials, office chairs and paint products.

We constitute a regionally based research company performing applied research and development within four main areas:

Research in Environmentally Efficient Use of Energy & Refuse Resources
Examples of projects in this area include:
• Environmental assessments to find out what is the best environmental utilization of used packaging and how the recycling systems for them can be optimized
• Environmental assessments as a foundation for consistent reviews of different types of energy plants such as refuse incineration or bioenergy plants
• Environmental assessments of presentations of different types of energy like electricity and heat based on different types of bioenergy, biofuel, oil/gas


Construction, Energy Use & Services
In this area Ostfold Research focuses on functional environmental and energy efficient production and use of products, services and technology. Examples of projects include:

• Environmental and energy documentation of the quality of life of buildings
• Documentation of the environmental and energy consequences different materials have for the quality of life of a building
• Development of key figures for the energy efficient in a building
• Models for environmental controls in the service sector
• Aid industry in the implementation of national and international regulations related to chemicals

Optimal Packaging & Food
Ostfold Research focuses on optimizing value chains for packaging and food in relation to the use of resources, the environment and finance. The company does projects in order to document that the industry reaches its goals through systematic studies of packaging development in Norway, such as the Marine Pack, Bunn til Munn and Økofrukt.

Innovation & Innovation Processes
Research here focuses mainly on innovation processes connected to prioritized companies, industries or regional clusters. Examples of projects include:

• Knowledge-based Østfold County
• Cluster analysis of Fredrikstad Township
• Network development projects


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