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Proffesional Snow Removal Equipment for roads, airports and railways


Øveraasen AS is built on traditions dating back to 1908, when the brothers Hans and Even Øveraasen returned to Norway after many years in the USA. Upon arriving home, the brothers began developing and manufacturing engines for use in agriculture, industry and boats.

In 1923, the brothers constructed the world’s first snowplough for use in combinations with automobiles. This proved to be the start of long activities in snowclearing equipment for roads, railways and airports. By combining long activities and experience with innovation and forward thinking, Øveraasen ensures that customers receive the optimal snowclearing equipment for each specific task.

Our snowclearing products for airports have contributed greatly to the company’s leading worldwide position. Equipment is developed in close co-operation with professional users who set strict requirements for capacity, operating speed and results. Runway sweepers form the most important product group in the company’s current product programme, and will undoubtedly remain a priority area also in the future.

Our conscientious commitment to R&D has made it possible for customers to clear a 3,500 m long runway in less than 10 minutes. Mechanical snowclearing with brushes and a high-powered air stream also reduces the need for costly, environmentally harmful chemicals.

Øveraasen AS has faced great challenges in developing a wide range of snowblowers that can withstand extreme conditions such as exceedingly heavy snowfalls and hurricane-strength winds. For more than 40 years, R&D has been focused on detachable snowblowers and very large self propelled machines. Today Øveraasen AS can offer equipment with capacities up to 10,000 tonnes/hours.

For removing snow on railways, Øveraasen AS offers a broad range of equipment, including the world’s largest snowblower with installed engine power of more than 2,500 hp. Our snowremoval equipment for railways has been in use for decades by Scandinavian Railway Companies. The range of equipment includes Power-Packs, Snow Brushes, Snow Blowers, Ploughs and Track Cleaners.

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