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Pall Corporation is a materials science and engineering company with the broadest filtration, separation and purification capabilities experience in the world. Pall Corporation has been partnering with customers for over 60 years helping them to solve their most critical and difficult fluid management challenges.

One of the earliest partnerships came from the fledging commercial aviation industry after landing gear failures grounded a fleet of new jets in the 1940s. Pall Corporation’s founder, David B. Pall developed the filter units to solve a crippling problem and get the aircraft flying and landing safely again. Some years later Dr Pall developed the Life Sciences component of Pall Corporation’s business when, after his wife had endured a long illness, he turned his attention to the development of filters which were capable of removing white blood cells from donor blood.

Since then Pall Corporation has become much more than a filter company with a truly global footprint supporting both industrial and life science customers. Pall Life Sciences provides cutting-edge products and services to meet the demanding needs of customers discovering, developing and producing biotech drugs, vaccines and classic pharmaceuticals. Within biopharmaceuticals, our media and laboratory products are used in drug research, environmental monitoring and molecular diagnostics. Pall products are used extensively in drug production to ensure process consistency and product quality. Increasingly, we are leveraging technologies and experience gained from Pall Industrial to help drug companies reduce their energy and water use and to minimize their environmental impact. Pall has become a trusted partner to the life sciences market by meeting exacting standards for innovation, product performance and global service.

Pall Life Sciences capabilities in the biopharmaceutical industry encompasses all aspects of manufacturing. From cell culture, product capture and purification to formulation, filling and terminal or sterilising grade filters, Pall provides highly specified products that can be used in research, process development and cGMP manufacturing environments. The BioPharmaceutical portfolio has genuine depth and breadth. It includes chromatography media with mixed-mode chemistries that bind and purify monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins even in the presence of salts and ions used in the upstream bioreactor. Pall provides systems capable of automating and managing fluid paths through tangential flow filters, chromatography columns, and virus or sterilising grade filters – all in highly regulated cGMP environments. Our Scientific Laboratory Services provide validation data to prove the safety and effectiveness of our products in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment – our customers rely on us to produce this credible and compelling data for their own regulatory submissions.

Pall Biopharmaceuticals design customised single-use systems for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Automated systems can be applied to manage and control process steps or generate data for use in batch records. In this case a Palltronic Flowstar IV integrity test instrument provides process critical data to verify filter installation and integrity.

In Scandinavia Pall Corporation has been represented both through partners and direct sales. However, significant investments have been made in the past 10 years to serve the advancing biopharmaceutical market more effectively.

One of the major steps in this process took place in 2007 when Pall BioPharmaceuticals created a direct sales organisation and technical support team serving the whole Nordic market. The Nordic headquarters began operations from Lund in the south of Sweden. The presence of offices in Sweden meant that customers could get faster support in their local language through the Nordic organisation, giving greater support to customers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and also providing a stronger base for our technical specialists. In 2012 the Pall Life Sciences organisation relocated into the heart of Scandinavia’s biotechnology innovation at Medicon Village. This move provided improved services offered by our technical support and biopurification specialist team members in the form of a training facility. The Lund training facility is used by customers to learn about key aspects of bioprocessing, including normal and tangential flow filtration, chromatography, integrity testing and other key principles in the field of separation technologies.

As a technically innovative company, Pall Corporation continues to develop new products which better serve its customers. With the introduction of the Micro-24 MicroReactor System and the XRS 20 Bioreactor, our BioPharmaceutical division has developed new technologies in cell culture which bring clear benefits to its users. These include increasing research output and enhancing cell culture conditions. The recently launched Supor EX Grade ECV membrane filter is a class-leading sterilising filter offering exceptional flow rates for diverse applications throughout bioprocesses. Numerous single-use products such as disposable filling needles which make biomanufacturing operations safer, more economic, and quicker and easier to apply have also been developed. In 2011 Pall acquired ForteBio, a cutting edge technology which expanded our capabilities in analysis of cell culture, process monitoring and research analytics. With greater applications come the need for further expertise, and our Scandinavian customers are supported by regional and global teams of technical specialists and product managers. These highly qualified, experienced team members take responsibility for various elements of our portfolio: we have experts in the application of sterile filtration, chromatography, tangential flow filtration, process automation, single-use systems, cell culture, formulation and filling, and bioanalysis. In addition to this our Pall Advanced Separation Systems (PASS) team apply high quality engineering solutions to the design, manufacture, installation and validation of biomanufacturing unit operations at any scale on a global basis.

As Pall Life Sciences continues to establish itself in Scandinavia we look forward to working closely with the innovative and progressive companies that are operating and growing with us in the Nordic region.

BioLayer-Interferometry technology (BLI) simplifies drug development by providing rapid quantitation and functional characterization of a variety of protein-based therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, receptor proteins and growth factors. Pall’s ForteBio Octet and BLItz range are now widely used in Scandinavia and globally to expedite drug development programs.

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