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PAM Refrigeration is a worldwide supplier of refrigeration equipment and technology. PAM delivers systems as turnkey solutions, including engineering, contracting, training and long-term service and maintenance, including spare parts. Since it was established in Norway in 1991, the company has set up branches in Walvis Bay, Namibia and Cape Town, South Africa. PAM Refrigeration’s key personnel have more than 30 years of experience within the refrigeration industry.

Pam refrigeration

For the last 15 years PAM Refrigeration has been working on the front line of refrigeration. The company has experience with varying conditions and a wide spectre of applications for fisheries, aquaculture, food and agriculture, shipping and sports arenas.

PAM Refrigeration offers solutions with the necessary output and at an optimum cost in regards to investment, operation, service and maintenance. The company acts as an independent entrepreneur that takes full responsibility for its customers, chooses the right equipment and turns it into a total quality operation. Control systems are made for easy understanding, logical operation and are equipped with energy-saving functions.

PAM Refrigeration has regional offices that undertake regular service and the planned replacement of components, and they also provide assistance when required. Through its experience in the field the company is able to recommend the most cost-effective and durable equipment, and offer a long-term collaboration in order to look after its customers’ best interests.

Industrial and Marine Refrigeration Solutions
PAM Refrigeration’s tailor-made industrial and marine solutions include:

  • Industrial heat pumps
  • Air conditioning and comfort chilling
  • Fresh water chilling systems
  • RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) systems
  • Chill rooms and storages
  • PAM “Flow-Ice” slurry ice production
  • Flake Ice and Plate Ice systems
  • IQF freezers (single frozen product)
  • Blast freezers
  • Horizontal and vertical plate freezers
  • Freezer stores
  • Cargo freezing holds
  • Refrigeration machinery such as screw compressors, piston compressors, condensers, liquid receivers, liquid separators, etc.
  • Electrical panels
  • Internet and WAP monitoring control systems
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