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Parker Maritime Technology
Parker Maritime is a provider of many services related to the oil, gas and maritime industries, including:
Subsea metrology, on- and off-shore dimensional control survey, windmill installation survey support, vessel and ROV gyro attitude verifications, GPS ‘health-checks’, and seabed mapping. In addition, Parker Maritime has developed a position monitoring system, ParkerPMS™ for shuttle tankers, vessels and installations.

The Parker Position Monitoring System is a standalone position surveillance system including an option for crude-oil flow monitoring. The system is a Windows-based, real-time data-acquisition system designed to monitor shuttle tankers’ movements during the oil transfer process. It calculates the position and quality of the various navigation logistics and displays the results on a configurable display screen.   ParkerPMS™ logs all data, which can be post-processed and used for investigation purposes.

The ParkerRPMS™ receives information via a radio link from the ParkerPMS™ on the shuttle tanker; enabling both seeing the same information simultaneously.

With flow-meter monitoring enabled, unexpected drops in flow- rate immediately triggers alarms which can also be seen on the ParkerRPMS™ on installations like FPSO’s. In addition flow information from the installation can be transmitted to the shuttle tanker enabling flow comparison.

The ParkerPMS™ and ParkerRPMS™ have by the end of 2014 been installed on more than one hundred shuttle tankers, vessels and installations.

SICAMS® – Single Camera Metrology System
Parker Maritime’s SICAMS is a single camera metrology system used to obtain accurate subsea measurements (centerline distances, diameters, pitch and roll) of structures, spool metrology, etc. With SICAMS®, data can be gathered simply, efficiently, and precisely. The concept has been used successfully for subsea metrology since the year 2000.

Achieving an accuracy of 1 part in 5,000 is routine with Parker’s system, though higher accuracies can be achieved. Its state-of-the-art processing capability promises quick calculations with the option of obtaining deliverables on-site.

SICAMS® is provided as a Diver or ROV system. It is flexible and fieldwork can easily be changed when obstructions appear within the metrology area. New tasks can be added to an ongoing job.

Parker Maritime is fully owned by the Parker Hannifin Group and provides global subsea metrology, survey, and dimensional control and installation solutions. Our products and services are catered to the offshore oil, gas and maritime markets.
When your project requires the highest performance and accuracy, our solutions will surpass your expectations.


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