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Parker Maritime provides a wide range of services including Subsea Metrology, dimensional control surveying onshore and offshore, windmill installation surveying support, vessel and ROV gyro attitude verifications and GPS ”health checks”. In addition Parker Maritime has developed and manufactures the ParkerPMS™ for shuttle tankers and other vessels including ParkerRPMS™ for Productions & Storage Units.

Parker MaritimeParkerPMS™ / ParkerRPMS™
The Parker Position Monitoring System is a standalone vessel position surveillance system including an option for crude-oil flow-meter monitoring.ParkerPMS™ logs all data, which can be post-processed and used for investigation purposes.

With the flow-meter monitoring enabled, unexpected drops in the flow rate immediately triggers alarms which also can be seen on the ParkerRPMS™ on installations like FPSO’s. The ParkerRPMS™ receives all information via a radio link from the ParkerPMS™ on the shuttle tanker; enabling both seeing the same information simultaneously.

Parker MaritimeGyro Calibration / Verification
Parker Maritime’s GPS / Glonass-based heading and pitch system enables continuous vessel heading device monitoring. This method is an uncomplicated method of checking the heading devices while the vessel is alongside.
The results are presented as figures and graphs. The personnel onboard can immediately verify the results and enter the obtained C-O values into the vessel system.

Parker has also developed a GPS attitude verification system, AttConPRH, in collaboration with the Hydrographic Service of the Norwegian Mapping Authority (NHS). It is designed for performing dynamic vessel attitude sensor verification like Pitch, Roll and Heading. This system enables a complete verification of the vessel attitude sensors during realistic movements of the vessel. A report is issued on site post survey.

Parker Maritime


SICAMS® – Single Camera Metrology System.
SICAMS is developed for the offshore industry for surveying on structures and spools subsea.

It can be used for surveying of vessel hulls and damages without docking the vessel. Accuracy better than 1 to 5000 is guaranteed.

SICAMS® is provided as a Diver or ROV system.


Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control systems and technologies. Parker’s Energy Products Division (EPD) provides innovative project solutions (marine hose, power cables, mooring lines, highpressure hose, custom umbilicals, surveying, metrology and service) with customer-focused project management, for global energy recovery.

Parker Maritime is business unit of EPD that provides global subsea metrology, survey, and dimensional control and installation solutions. Our products and services are catered to the offshore oil, gas and maritime markets. When your project requires the highest performance and accuracy, our solutions will surpass your expectations.

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