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Save energy and money with rotary heat exchangers

Save energy and money with Klingenburg rotors

Rotary heat exchangers from Klingenburg greatly reduce your consumption of power for heating and cooling on your ships. Regardless of whether you operate cruise ships, cargo ships or ferries.

On a single cruise ship alone, the savings potential amounts to several million euros annually. For cooling you can deploy distinctly smaller chillers, and at the same time reduce the need for greenhouse relevant refrigerants and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions.

Decades of experience with ship rotors
For more than 30 years Klingenburg has been successfully equipping the ships of all well-known shipping lines with energy-recovery components for ventilation systems. In our own in-house Research & Development Department we are constantly at work on optimising and developing our heat exchangers for ships.

Individual solutions as you need them
We design your rotary heat exchangers precisely as you need them. No matter whether as replacement devices or for installation in new ships. We supply the custom housing according to your needs in dimensions measured precisely to the millimetre, in materials that range from sea-water-resistant aluminium to AISI 316 stainless steel.

Service with no downtime
Klingenburg has its own service staff. Our trained professionals come to you on your ship to provide replacement or maintenance. This helps you save on costly port turnaround times on ships that are already at sea.

Success thanks to enduring partnerships
We have worked throughout Europe for decades together with renowned manufacturers of air-handling units for the shipbuilding industry, both in new shipbuilding and in replacing outdated rotary heat exchangers on existing ships. On the Norwegian market we have been working closely with our partner Parlock for over 30 years.

Suppose you have an hourly air exchange of around 26,200 m³ in two of your ship restaurants. The outside air temperature is 35 °C, and the relative humidity is 80 percent. The temperature you are aiming for on the ship is 23 °C, at a humidity of 50%.  With rotary heat exchangers from Klingenburg, you lower the demand for cooling capacity enormously. By replacing outdated exchangers with a modern rotary heat exchanger you can save around 3,650 kWh in a 24-hour operation. For a new installation, the savings would even amount to a whopping 16,200 kWh. These figures take into account only the savings in cooling output.

With a rotary heat exchanger, however, power savings in heat production can reach up to 80%.

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