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Paroc_Group_Oy_AB2The shipbuilding industry sets very high requirements for safety and comfort on board. Products and constructions to be used for fire protection must be tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of IMO (International Maritime Organization). PAROC Marine and Offshore insulation is made of stone wool and developed for the needs of the modern shipbuilding and offshore industry. 

Ships sail in very different conditions, which set high requirements for thermal insulations. Different kinds of machinery and equipment, passenger facilities, restaurants etc. need sufficient sound insulation to guarantee comfort on board. The products and structures used in ships must be fire tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The Paroc products offer economical and safe solutions providing fire protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation. These highly developed products, manufactured for the current needs of the shipbuilding industry and its subcontractors, are already widely used.

Paroc – The expert in insulation materials
Through market knowledge and research conducted alongside our customers, Paroc has secured its strong position as a manufacturer of insulating materials. All Paroc factories have a certified quality system.

PAROC® insulations meet requirements

  • PAROC Marine insulations meet the requirements of their users in the following areas:
  • Fire protection of constructions and components
  • Heating economy of ships and comfort of their passengers, heat and cold insulations
  • Great acoustic properties of constructions
    and devices
  • Insulation materials used as surface materials are functional and easy to clean
  • Meeting the requirements of Classification Institutes and National Marine Authorities in accordance with the rules and regulations of IMO and the Marine Equipment Directive
    (modules B and D).

Construction approvals
Fire constructions used within shipbuilding and offshore must be tested for their fire resistance, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IMO. Based on the approved test result, the Classification Institutes and National Marine Authorities grant the required approvals. For this purpose, the products have been tested in various A- and H-class deck and bulkhead constructions and numerous fire door and panel constructions.

PAROC Marine insulations are made of stone. Stone wool has excellent properties as a passive guarantee of the fire safety of ships. PAROC stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures. The binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds approximately 200°C, and while the insulating properties remain unchanged, the compressive stress weakens. The stone wool products’ softening temperature is over 1000°C.
The determination of non-combustibility in accordance with IMO FTP Code part 1 has been performed for all PAROC Marine insulations. Continous quality control of the products is performed by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

Fire Insulation
Fire insulation on ships must meet very high requirements. Furthermore, functionality together with easy and fast installation has become more and more important. Alternative solutions for different fire applications are needed to meet these requirements. Paroc has tested several A-class constructions for decks and bulkheads, steel and aluminum.
A functional insulation solution for car decks and engine rooms can be achieved using precoated slab and preformed insulations. Coated products ensure a clean and easily maintained final surface.

Solutions for many applications
The purpose of PAROC Marine and offshore insulations is to offer a solution for every part of the ship or offshore construction where some kind of insulation is needed. Many kinds of prefabricated products, for example, insulations for cabins, panels, fire doors, ventilation machinery etc. are used in the shipbuilding industry. Manufacturers of these products often require customer-specified and tailored solutions.
Paroc is the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient insulation solutions in the Baltic Sea region. The cornerstones of our operations are customer and personnel orientation, constant innovation, profitable growth and sustainable development. Paroc products include building insulation, technical insulation, marine and offshore insulation, sandwich panels and acoustic products. The products are manufactured in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Paroc has sales and representative offices in 14 European countries.


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