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Why flame retardants should be everybody´s business
Are you aware that fire situations today can become lethal in less than three minutes, in comparison to 15 min in 1950, due to the increased use of plastic materials in buildings? Did you know that many conventional flame retardants are considered toxic, carcinogenic and hormone disrupting (CMR) by the majority of the research community? Not many people do.

When Dr. Swaraj Paul was presented with this issue he saw the opportunity to design a flame retardant system free of bromine and other hazardous substances. The result Paxymer®, drastically improves products from an environmental and health perspective.

Paxymer AB has worked with environmental and health conscious development within the field of chemistry and polymers for more than 28 years. Our mission is to use chemistry in an environmentally safe way without compromising the functionality of materials.


Paxymer – A flame retardant that protects both people and the environment
The Paxymer system is free from carcinogenic and persistent chemicals and meet tomorrows environmental legislation today. It has clear benefits in the
burning process versus using conventional brominated materials:

  • Paxymer® stabilizes the material and reduces the heat release.
  • Paxymer® does not release any hazardous bi-products during degradation.
  • Paxymer® prevents dripping of the material which inhibits fire-spread.
  • Paxymer® reduces the amount and toxicity of the emitted smoke

Designed for a sustainable society
The Paxymer system works in all polyolefin plastics. Polyolefins, which are found in cars, electronics, cables etc have a low environmental impact. They can be made from renewable raw materials and have excellent properties for reuse and energy recycling. The Paxymer system maintains these properties as well as the mechanical and processing properties of the base material.

Paxymer® is a product free of persistent chemicals, designed for a sustainable society. It ensures safety in a fire situation without affecting the functionality of the base material. Paxymer® is a unique solution that solves the problem of fire safety while protecting both people and the environment.

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