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Pelagia MiljökonsultPelagia is a Swedish consultant company specialized in environmental investigation for mining projects. We often start with baseline investigations of nature values and water chemistry, and development of EIA etc. during the planning phase, continue with control programs during the operational phase and finally help with the restoration phase. Sampling and analysis are done as accredited services and according to ISO 9001 and 14001-certificates.

Examples of accredited services are sampling and analysis of:
• benthic invertebrates
• phytoplankton
• zooplankton
• benthic algae, periphyton, phytobenthos
• electrofishing
• gillnet fishing, lakes
• gillnet fishing, coast
• water (sampling)
• index calculations
• sediment (sampling)
• contaminants in animals and plants (sampling)

Pelagia was founded in 1990. We work primarily with mining projects, environmental control programs and different kinds of investigations. Pelagia also conduct toxicity tests and Contract Research for the mining industry. Our customers are both private companies and public institutions. Since the start we have been involved in more than 30 different mining projects giving us valuable experience in environmental questions concerning mining projects

Pelagia Miljökonsult

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