PEPTONIC Medical is developing an estrogen-free treatment for vaginal atrophy. The patented product is based on local, vaginal application of oxytocin.

Our vision is to make the naturally occurring hormone, oxytocin, to the leading treatment for women suffering from vaginal atrophy during menopause and after.

To date, four clinical studies have been performed. Three of these were randomized, double blind and placebo controlled. The studies have shown positive effects of the new oxytocin based treatment on local signs of vaginal atrophy within the vaginal wall and a reduction of bothersome symptoms.

In conjunction with the menopause, many women develop vaginal atrophy. It is the decreasing estrogen levels occurring during menopause that result in vaginal atrophy, as estrogen stimulates the growth of the mucosa. Symptoms such as vaginal dryness, irritation and itching are common in women with vaginal atrophy. The risk of developing infection is increased and sexual intercourse can be painful which affects sex life negatively.

Frequently these problems can be improved by means of estrogen treatment in the form of tablets, patches or local treatment with creams or vaginal inserts. However, not all women can or are willing to use estrogen. PEPTONIC’s Vagitocin® , which contains oxytocin, offers a safe and efficacious alternative to estrogen.


peptonicDan Markusson, CEO of Peptonic medical says:
“We have a unique First-in-Class product that offers
a safe and effective treatment for vaginal atrophy”






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