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Innovations in Fish Prosessing

Peter Stette AS is a manufacturing company with a history back to 1929. We are situated about 30 km from Ålesund, the fishing capital of Norway. Since the 1970’s we have been a supplier for the food processing industry in Norway, and the latest years on a worldwide market. Our experience with the fishing industry has made Stette a preferred supplier in the world of fish. Stette philosophy is to know our customer needs, and to mate the needs with technical possibilities available at any time. In that way we can develop optimal solutions, and give our customers a benefit in the global competition.

Offshore processing:
Petter StetteStette supply fish factories to the offshore fishing fleet around the world. We have factory designs that cover different species in the Barents Sea, Pacific Ocean and  Atlantic Ocean for trawlers, long liners or other types of vessels.

Stette have a focus on a robust, effective and hygienic design manufactured at a high quality, and all layouts we develop in close cooperation with the customer. Our factories are preinstalled in our shop, and the customer can enter his factory before it is installed in the ship. In this way we cover the customer needs and have an effective and complete delivery with short installation time.

Fish Processing:
Seafood defrosting system from Stette will give high yield and quality of the thawed product. Effective and automated systems for 1 to 200 tons production are delivered in three different types of systems based on thawing in water. Stette have delivered industrial thawing systems since 1996, and our systems are based on a wide study and a Phd in thawing of fish.

Pelagic fish processing plants are delivered in all markets where mackerel, herring and sardines are a commercial recourse for human consumption. Our lines are based on high grade of automation and will have high capacities for grading, packing and freezing.

Salmon processing lines and equipment for processing and packing of salmon and trout are developed in a rapidly growing market. In close relationship with the customers Stette is involved in projects from start to end.

Bacalhau processing lines and equipment are delivered to producers in all markets. We deliver both special machines and turn key projects with an agreed capacity. Our main products are thawing systems, splitting lines, salt fish lines, drying system and packing lines

Petter Stette

Petter Stette Fish farming


Fish Farming:
Equipment for industrial farming of salmon and trout. High capacity system for mort handling and ensilage. Stunning lines for vaccination of smolt and frye. Anti fouling and drying system for farming nets

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