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We Work with Heart and Soul

In Pfizer Denmark we are committed to using our knowledge and competencies to improve the health of Danes. This is why we applaud the Danish government’s goal of having an average life expectancy in the global Top 10. This entails having a public health care system, which is at a high international level and has up-to-date facilities.

It requires effective prevention, early detection and diagnosis of illnesses to achieve this goal. Pfizer Denmark is interacting with relevant health professionals, government officials and patient associations, so important information can be used to further innovation.

Pfizer DenmarkPfizer Denmark is very committed to offering supplementary training to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others through our Pfizer Academy program. We offer courses, conferences, congresses and themed pamphlets to reach the relevant health care professionals in the most effective way. One of the ways is to bring specialists to general practice to share knowledge and experiences with the GP´s and nurses.

Pfizer Denmark is continuously developing quality assurance projects in collaboration with doctors, hospitals and municipalities. We aim to improve the treatment of patients based on evidence, guidelines and recommendations from authorities. Among the greater quality assurance projects we have made is Kvasimodo, which helps in the diagnosis and treatment of KOL. Another is PainDETECTive, which offers screening of neuropathic pain in patients with chronic pain.

The world is forever changing and in order to keep up with the new discoveries and developments Pfizer Denmark is conducting clinical trials in a multitude of therapeutic areas, such as oncology, dermatology, rheumatology, urology, vaccines, HIV. This enables us to contribute with important information and research results to stakeholders in all of the Danish health care system. This makes Pfizer a serious and responsible contributor, and we play a key role in elevating the Danish health care system to a world class level.

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