pharm-analyt Labor GmbH

Bioanalytical Services  –  Critical Assignments – Wisely Left to Experts


pharm-analyt is a bioanalytical service provider developing extremely sensitive and selective assays based on HPLC-MS/MS-technology. The company quantifies and identifies compounds supporting pharmacokinetic, DMPK-, Tox- and Bioequivalence studies related to clinical and preclinical work.

Being a pioneer in the field of mass-spec and equipped with state of the art instrumentation the team is often called in for bioanalytical challenges like extremely low concentration levels in plasma (down to fg/mL), “difficult” molecules or highly complex matrices (e.g. tissue).

Noticeable breakthroughs were made related to biomarkers: Small Molecules are being discovered as highly specific and sensitive markers for rare diseases. Several are validated, some even patented.

pharm-analyt was founded in 1986, is based near Vienna and GLP as well as GMP certified.



pharm-analyt Labor GmbH
Ferdinand-Pichler-Gasse 2, 2500 Baden, Austria
+43 (0)2252 / 49050