Phil Med Alliance AB

About Phil Med Alliance:
• Phil Med Alliance is an
international export company fully licensed for sales of pharmaceuticals and vaccines worldwide, under control of the Swedish Medical Agency (Läkemedelsverket).
• We are a
sales and export channel for leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical and vaccines into areas and countries where the manufacturers are not actively working, and we supply a wide range of Swedish / European FDA Approved vaccines and pharmaceuticals of the highest standards.
• We work from
politically independent Sweden and we have contacts with major world help organizations, governments and distributors in specific areas.

Phil Med Alliance:
• Is a member of Swecare Foundation, working in close cooperation with the Swedish Government in order to increase exports of Healthcare products.
• Is a member and sales partner of the exclusive
Swedish Life Science Industry Organisation leading organisation dedicated to business development.
• Our staff are members of the
Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

What it means to be our Customer

As our customer and local partner, we offer you:
• Exclusive access
to our portfolio for your market, making you the only reseller of our listed pharmaceuticals in your area,
• Guaranteed stocks of pharmaceuticals upon agreed market predictions, as part of the annual production will be made specially for you,
• European quality at the highest EMEA standards, as we only offer original, high quality products,
• No intermediary, you get your products shipped directly from the producing units,
• Guaranteed origin, you will receive the Certifi cate of Analysis that guarantees that you get what you’re paying for, and not a counterfeit fake product,
• Best prices, our partners are the owners of the major brands that already exist in douzains of countries, and guarantee the base price.
What it means to be our Partner

As our manufacturing partner, we offer you:
• Exclusive partnership
with our clients in various market, making you the only producer of your product category/type in our portfolio,
• Guaranteed sales of pharmaceuticals upon agreed market predictions,
• No intermediary, you send your products directly to the country/client,
• Guaranteed destination, our clients are legally obliged to sell your products exclusvely on the agreed markets, in order to avoid any possibility for parallel trade,
• Ongoing business, our agreements are set for a minimum period of 5 years, allowing you to plan comfort- ably in advance for set productions,
• Growing potential, we open new markets for your products as we expand our horizons, and offer growing potential for our common business opportunities.
The Best Swedish companies in the fields of healthcare technologies, pharmaceuticals and equipment have come together to provide complete round-table solutions for all your needs. Imagined and initiated by PHIL MED ALLIANCE, and in order to promote further the high level of excellence of Swedish healthcare products and services, the Swedish Healthcare Alliance regroups a number of internationally renown Swedish companies that excel in complementary healthcare related specialties. Together, we offer ONE full package of products and services that will answer every need of any market, regardless of its size.

One entity, Thirteen companies

global view of the Swedish Healthcare Alliance structure

  • Building, Planning and Engineering
    We offer an all-round planning and projecting structure managed by the leading swedish companies in architecture, designing, engineering and project management, offering 360 degrees consulting. We can handle vast hospital and clinic projects at a very high level of excellence and safety.
  • Construction and Equipment
    Construction is handled by another member of our group, internationally renown for building massive projects around Europe and the world. At this stage equipping can also begin executed by our medical technologies partners, who are greatly competitive on the world market. Various specialty departments can be added and equipped at this point: Dental care, Cancer treatment, Medical Imaging, Rehabilitation…
  • Logistics and Supplies
    We can help developing pharmacy networks, structuring and furnishing pharmacies as well as planning supply logistics and managing stocks. Members of our group produce EMA approved High quality Pharmaceutical supplies, injectables and hospital-specific restocking products.
  • Day Surgery & Cardiovascular Open Heart Surgery
    A remarkable rotation process polished by Swedish Professor Staffan Smeds to allow easier access to high level surgeries and treatments for patients around a region, even in small cities or side clinics. This rotation can include Cardiovascular Open Heart surgical team and intervene in a main hospital and satellite clinics.
  • Hospital Management, manning and training of personnel
    Our Advisory Board regroups medical experts that have been in charge of their respective departments for many years, working on optimising micro and macro management, connecting other departments and services in the most efficient way. SHA can provide your hospital with optimisation management programs and training, as well as full teams of medical personnel ready to stuff international hospitals.
Phil Med Alliance AB
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