Pioneer Oil Tools Ltd

Pioner Oil Tools

Pioneer Oil Tools Limited is a privately owned precision engineering company established in 1971 and based in Arbroath, UK.

Rapid turnaround
Pioneer makes it our business to offer extremely competative delivery times to our customers.

The efficiency of our quality management system has been recognized by the British Standards Institute who have conferred certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard on the company.

Pioneer Oil Tools Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of oil tools, particularly fishing tools. To that end we maintain a design library of engineering drawings for a wide variety of tooling.

Pioneer is willing and capable of undertaking a wide range of machining work backed by CMM inspection capability.

Products and services

  • Fishing Tools
    A wide variety of internal and external catch tools for subs, packers, casing, tubing and wellheads. From small to very large sizes.
  • Junk Retrieval Tools
    A range of junk retrievel tools employing various circulation and magentic technologies.
  • Casing Repair Tools
    Tools to ream, roll, clean and patch casing.
  • Cutters & Mills
    Tools for sectioning and cutting casing, drill pipe & tubing both external and internally. Tools to mill out a variety of downhole obstructions.
  • Impact Tools
    A variety of jars and accelerators.
  • Cementation Equipment
    A large range of cementing plugs and associated cementation equipment.
  • Rubber Products
    Thread protectors, packer cups, endcaps.
  • Accessories and Drillstring Members
    Crossovers, elevators/lifting subs, safety joints, Lift bails, Impression blocks and more.

Pioner Oil Tools

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