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The Plexx group is a leading manufacturer and subcontractor of parts and products out of plastic to Scandinavian and other European industry. We work with thermoplastics in three main areas: Engineering Plastics, Vacuumforming (pressure and TwinSheet) – ORS and Acrylics. We have production both in Norway and Sweden and sales office in Denmark.


The company was established in 1954 specializing in processing thermoplastic materials. This is still our specialty. By continuous investment in new technology, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic region in processing thermoplastics.

Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are a group of materials that exhibit superior mechanical and thermal properties in a wide range of conditions over, and above, more commonly used commodity plastics. In many instances, engineering plastics can replace metals. We supply machined parts from drawings.


Vacuum forming and polyurethane – the new strong combination. Its wide range of applications means that ORS technology is a key element of the range of options in plastics we can offer. Can be adapted to suit the

desired purpose, and can be recycled, which is in line with our environmental policy.
The technique involves injecting lightweight, expanding polyurethane (PUR) in a given number of layers to achieve the desired thickness. Fixing elements can be integrated in the strong, elastic material. That means we can build up insulating sandwich constructions, with a very wide range of applications where stability and low weight are deciding factors.


We are certified both on quality and environment by DNV after ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


Extensive experience in acrylic displays. We supply displays to many high street brands. Modern machinery for acrylic machining and forming means massive potential for creative solutions.


Plexx AS
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