PNI Training Centre AS

PNI Training Centre AS have together with Dolphin Drilling AS, started with team based training for their deck crew and Operational Responsible Persons.

This unique team-based training environment promotes a safety-first approach to performing offshore heavy-lift operations. From initial toolbox-talk to simultaneous multi-player operations and afteraction review.

We also travel around the world and preform on the job training, within lifting operation, (drill floor/deck).

PNI Training Centre

Our training is based on OMHEC training standard . The Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee (OMHEC) is comprised of members from the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands all of whom are involved with the safety of lifting equipment and lifting operations offshore.

PNI Training Centre

Using NOV cranes like  
  • Knuckle boom crane
  • Boom crane
  • Pipe handling crane
  • Knuckle boom for sub sea lif
  • Critical lifts (Coil tubing reel, heavy lifts)
  • Tandem lift
  • Blind lifts
  • Sub sea lift
  • Internal lift
  • Supply boats
  • Day to day operations
  • Inspection of load carriers (Tanks, baskets, containers)
  • Barrier
  • Building BHA
  • Handling bulk hoses
  • Casing, tubing, drill pipes
  • Deck crew can be onboard the supply boat and handle the load 
PNI Training Centre AS
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