PolyGene AG

PolyGene AG is a Zurich-based privately held contract research company delivering animal model development services to academic and industrial customers since 2002, and specializing in difficult-to-achieve genotypes as well as complex gene regulation networks within in vivo applications. The company has a strong scientific team with specialists in both, medical application fields (heart and cardiovascular disease, bone marrow disease, cancer, neurological disease etc.), and technological applications including classical and emergent targeting technologies, and gene regulation based on antibiotic action or hormone intervention.

PolyGene AG has an extraordinarily high scope of technological tools available for these purposes, and can take advantage of those in applications that implement combined approaches.

In recent years, the focus as an outsourcing service provider for commissioned transgenic model making has shifted towards the generation of animal models based on novel technologies and approaches. This became possible because PolyGene participates in a number of large-scale European research projects with over 4 M EUR funding to PolyGene (FP7 round). PolyGene is strongly involved in further Europe-wide funding proposals and actively seeks collaboration opportunities with SMEs and academic groups.

EUTrigTreat: 14 academic and 3 industry partners in arrhythmia and heart disease
CarTarDis: 6 academic and 7 industrial partners in cardiovascular research
SYBIL: 11 academic and 7 industrial partners in bone marrow disease
TumAdoR: Cancer Research, 2 industry and 5 academy partners
CAM-PaC: Research on pancreatic cancer, 6 industry and 7 academy members

Apart from scientific collaborations, PolyGene continues to deliver reliable transgenic services to a world-wide research community, so far for over 500 customer projects, yielding over 900 individual mouse models. Swiss based, PolyGene recognizes the supreme importance of a “no-failure” service and delivers it. Among its services:

  • -Transgenic mice, rats and rabbits via oocyte microinjection
  • Targeted modifications using a variety of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines
  • Targeted modifications with nucleases
  • Cryopreservation
  • A wide scope of accessory technologies

At current, the company runs a development program towards generating gene regulation paradigms that complement and extend the two prevalent existing technologies (rTet for antibiotic regulation, ERT2 as an estrogen-based regulation system). Traditionally, these are strong and widespread tools which however show limitations in critical aspects of leakiness and inducer toxicity. In the framework of recently started EU-funded collaborations, the PolyGene development team fine tunes and adapts its patented and established gene regulation system for their applications in mice. The main focus is to deliver side-effect free, completely tight, highly inducible and fully reversible gene regulation vectors for specific, tissue-controlled expression in mice.

Polygene1The main focus:
– Macrolide regulation
– Streptogramin regulation
– Glucocorticoid regulation
– Combinations thereof

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