Polyteknik AS

Polyteknik AS designs and manufactures a wide range of thin film deposition systems for a broad range of applications within research, development, and production of advanced components and products.

Some application fields are:

  • Solar cells – Research tools for the next generations of thin film PV cells
  • Solar thermal – Production facilities for CSP receiver tubes
  • Nano technology – Research and production tools for advanced nano–structures
  • Micro technology – Research and production tools for MEMS applications
  • Material science – Research for next generations of engineered nano-materials
  • Big Science – Engineering and manufacturing of advanced scientific equipment

The highly advanced deposition systems with processes are mostly delivered and installed in high tech production companies, research institutes and top level universities.

Polyteknik was established in 1995 by Managing Director Jens William Larsen. Now, not far from the 20 year anniversary, Polyteknik AS is close to having reached a global presentation as most major markets are represented by local distributors.

The core business of developing, assembling and supply of the advanced thin film deposition systems are covered by a very committed organization of highly educated sale-, research- and engineering teams.

The Polyteknik AS facility is equipped with modern engineering software tools, an advanced nano- and micro characterization lab, and a new clean room facility for top level qualification and quality test of our thin film systems.


Polyteknik AS
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